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Working with Site Professionals

As an example, as shown in the following images, we were asked by the Architects to design a landscaping layout for a scheme of top-end town houses in Dublin 4, the design of which they were just completing. The developer was keen that the leafy character of the area should be instantly reflected in the landscape design, that the bulk of the new houses should be softened, and that the entrance road in should allude to the quality of the overall scheme. This meant that semi mature trees were going to be the lynchpin of the landscaping scheme.

The Architects were keen for us to move quickly to a design at the initial stages of the contract , as building works had a very restricted road area for underground services . This had important implications for the planting of large trees.

By this early intervention, we were able to line up tree pits outside of the line of services. thus saving much time and grief, and unnecessary cost to the client later in the contract.
As you follow the images in, you will see an avenue of Magnolia leading to the development , setting a tone of quality. Within the scheme, the trees, climbers and shrubs create leafiness and seclusion. The images were taken early in the second summer after planting i.e. just a year from completion.

Working with Architects, Quantity Surveyors and other Project Managers is part of our daily work. For almost the last thirty years of hands on experience, we are able to address your requirements with regard to your own design brief, and to add value to the clients development, both by the intrinsic quality of the design and materials used, and by foreseeing on site problems, we have been able to stick to budget, avoiding unnecessary costs arising from bad site planning.

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